Shaikh Sadr ud-din [Hazrat Shaikh]

             1454 - 1508 Shaikh Sardar ud-din [Haidar Shaikh], Rais of Maler. b. at Daraban, Afghanistan, 1437, elder son of Shaikh Ahmad Zinda Pir, eleventh in descent from Shah 'Izz ud-din Husain I Ghori, Shahanshah of Persia. Received the villages of Maler, Hadiya, Barnala, Phul, Mahraj, Longawal, Sankhera, Pail, Chumkaur, Amrgarh, Balian and Amloh in dowry, from the Sultan of Delhi, 1454. Founded the town of Maler, 1461. Sometime Sardar-i-Jahan (chief judicial officer) at the court of Delhi. m. (first) at Delhi, 1454, Taj Murassa Begum, daughter of Sultan Bahlol Lodhi, Sultan of Delhi. m. (second) 1458, Bhatianiji Begum, a Rajput lady from the family of Rai Bahram Bhatti [Kapura], of Kapurthala. He d. at Maler, 1508, having had issue, three sons and one daughter:

1) Shaikh 'Isa, Rais of Maler (s/o Taj Murassa Begum).
2) Shaikh Hassan. b. at Maler, 1475 (s/o Taj Murassa Begum). Disinherited by his father in 1508. He d. before 1538.
3) Shaikh Musa. b. at Maler, 1483 (s/o Taj Murassa Begum). He d.s.p.v.p.
4) Bibi Mangi. b. at Maler, 1471 (d/o of the Bhatianiji Begum). m. into an Afghan or Muslim Rajput family in Tohana, near Jakhal. She became a widow, five years after her marriage (bur. Tohana).
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