Saif ul-Mulk, Nawab Muhammad Bayazid Khan Bahadur

      1600 - 1659 Saif ul-Mulk, Nawab Muhammad Bayazid Khan Bahadur, Asadu'llah Jang, Nawab of Malerkotla. b. at Maler, 1593, only surviving son of Khan Sahib Fath Muhammad Khan, Rais of Maler, educ. privately. Succeeded on the death of his father 1600. Reigned under the regency of his mother until 1624. Entered the military service of the Mughal Emperor, becoming a high-ranking mansabdar. He is said to have saved Aurangzeb's life by slaying a charging tiger with a single blow. Received a sanad turning his hereditary jagir into and Imperial riyasat, thereby becoming an independent ruler. Granted the titles of Nawab Bahadur, Asadu'llah Jang, and Saif ul-Mulk, from Emperor Aurangzeb in 1658. Founded the fort and town of Kotla, from whence the name of the state has been Malerkotla, May 1657. m. (first) a lady from Bahmanian. m. (second) a lady from Kapurthala. He d. at Malerkotla, 1659, having had issue, five sons:

1) Nawab Firuz Khan, Nawab of Malerkotla (s/o the Kapurthala Begum)
2) Chaudhri Husain Khan (s/o the Kapurthala Begum). Appointed to the rank of Chaudhri.
3) Sahibzada Birbal Khan (s/o the Kapurthala Begum). He d. at the age of eleven years.
4) Sahibzada Sarwar Khan. He had issue, one son and one daughter:
5) Chaudhri Muhammad Ikhtiyar Khan (s/o the Bahmanian Begum). Appointed to the rank of Chaudhri.
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Nawabs of Malerkotla

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