Nawab Ghulam Husain Khan

       1712 - 1717 Nawab Ghulam Husain Khan, Nawab of Malerkotla, eldest son of Nawab Sher Muhammad Khan Bahadur, Sher Jang, Nawab of Malerkotla, educ. privately. Succeeded on the death of his father, 1712. Deposed by his younger brother, 1717. He d. 1734 (bur. Shahi Muqbara, Malerkotla), having had issue, eight sons:

1) Sahibzada Sarbuland Khan. He d.s.p.
2) Sahibzada Muhi ud-din Mehdi Bakhsh Khan.
3) Sahibzada Fateh 'Ali Khan. He d.s.p.
4) Sahibzada Sa'adat 'Ali Khan.
5) Sahibzada Sikander 'Ali Khan. He d.s.p.
6) Sahibzada Qadir Bakhsh Khan. He d.s.p.
7) Sahibzada Talia Muhammad Khan.
8) Sahibzada Khan Bahadur Khan.
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Nawabs of Malerkotla

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