Malerkotla the 'CITY PEACEFUL'

                 A municipal committee (now Municipal Council) has been functioning here since 1905

                Malerkotla is the only industrial town of worth the name in the district. A large number of small-scale industrial units are functioning in the town. It is now well known for the manufacture of a few cycle parts, agricultural implements. Similarly in the field of agriculture, especially growing of vegetables, Malerkotla is a famous place. The cauliflower of this area is' marketed throughout Punjab, Methi of the area is also of high quality "and is famous for its taste and odour.

              A fair is held on January 17 and 18 for two days every year to commemorate the martyrdom of 66 Namdharis. Under the orders of the British authority, 49 Namdharis were blown away with canons and one cut down by sword on 17 January 1872 without trial. Another sixteen were blown away by canons after summary trial on 18 January 1872.

              A fair known as Mela Hazrat Sheikh Sadr-u-Din is also held in May-June and September-October for one day each in the memory of Sheikh Sadr-u-Din who founded the Malerkotla State during the time of Behlol Lodhi, People belonging to all communities attend this fair. Visitors from other districts also come to attend this fair. Offerings of he-goats are also made.

    The Other places worth seeing in Malerkotla town are:

Sheesh Mahal: It was the residence of the Nawab of Malerkotla. In this palace, glass has been used extensively hence known as sheesh Mahal.
Sheesh Mahal
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